Accommodation options in Dubrovnik include hotels, hostels, villas, private apartments,

Hostelworld gives you the options to reserve budget accommodation such as
hostels, private apartments of lower categories, or rooms with the use of bathroom and
kitchen. You can be helped with the reviews as well, so it should be easy to find something
that suits your needs and pocket. The web page is very popular with backpackers,
adventurists, and all those who are not up to high class accommodation while on holidays.
To get your reservation done you will have to pay 25% of the full fee with your bank card,
and the rest will be required upon the arrival.

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If you are looking for hotels or apartments of higher categories go to
This page offers variety of hotels together with the availability dates. You can also read the
impressions of the people who have stayed there before. Reservation is being made with the
credit or debit card, in the way that authorisation of your card is done as a way of assurance
that you will show up or not cancel at the last minute, in which case you would be charged a
provisional fee. Full price is charged upon the arrival to a hotel.

Luxury villas can be found at From there you can send an e-mail with all your
requests. -Specializing in Cheap Flights F