altSouth of Omis the road twists round the headlands of the Biokovo mountains into the section of coast known as the MAKARSKA RIVIERA, a string of resorts boasting long pebble beaches ranging from the over-exploited to the relatively unknown. Most of the villages here were originally based a kilome­tre or two inland until the growth of tourism, when families abandoned their old homes and built new houses down on the coast. With a few exceptions, therefore, the shoreline resorts are predominantly modern and charmless, but if all you want is a beach and cheap beer and pizza, then the Makarska Riviera is a decent place to get them.
The town of Makarska, roughly in the middle of the region, has the best nightlife and is a good base from which to tackle the ascent of the Biokovo range, while Brela, just to the north, has managed to preserve something of its chic, coastal-village-made-good atmosphere. The south of the Riviera is quite bland in comparison, attracting tourists mainly from the former Eastern Europe and working out slightly cheaper than the north. -Specializing in Cheap Flights F