The easiest way to get yourself a taxi is to dial one of this numbers: 0800 1441 or 0800 970. This would be free of charge if you are calling from any Croatian telephone number. Other option includes getting to one of the taxi terminals and taking one immediately. Those are located at: Pile, Ploce, Port Gruz, Lapad and main bus station. Taxi fees are fixed, with no extra charge at night-time. Start costs 25kn and you will pay 8kn for each kilometre passed. There is 80kn fee for waiting. Here are some examples; the price from Pile to one of Lapad hotels would come to 50-60kn, to Babin Kuk 70-80kn, to airport around 210kn, to Cavtat 210kn, to ACI Marina around 100kn, and to cruisers's terminal at Port Gruz around 60kn. All cars are air-conditioned, and most of the drivers are comfortable with (at laest) English language. -Specializing in Cheap Flights F