Srđ the mountain that dominates above Dubrovnik. Navigation is easy, because the antenna and the fortress seen from almost all over the city. If you do not go for the first time immediately after the bridge turn to Gruž  but Take away along the main road. Somewhere to the left is the sign that indicates the pedestrian access to the top.

From here you can go (there is also a parking lot), and if you still want to start with zero altitude go to Fort St. John uphill through town and uphill until you reach the highway. Beware! On the highway twice to Srđa, better is the one closer to the bridge for the second time emerges at a place called Bosanka. Slight rise in Srđ fresh air and view. At the top is ready for a certain shock. The upper cable car former station Dubrovnik completely destroyed, and the fortress in terribly neglected condition.
If you still do not want to climb to the top can be reached by car. Drive up the Adriatic highway toward Cavtat and turn sharp left at the time indicated that the village of Bosanka. Paved the way to the top. -Specializing in Cheap Flights F