The beauty of Korčula Town only serves to emphasize just how short on appeal the rest of the island is. The only other major attraction are the beaches just beyond LUMBARDA, 8km south of Korčula Town and accessible by regular buses (Mon-Sat hourly; 5 daily on Sun). It takes about twenty minutes to walk to the beaches from Lumbarda. First, continue along the main road south until you reach a small chapel. From here, the track on the right leads to Priltia, bay, a glorious two-hundred-metre stretch of sand backed by a couple of cafes, while the track on the left goes to Bilin Zal, a far rockier strand with brief sandy stretches and dramatic views of the coastal mountains.
The tourist office, in the centre near the bus stop (July & Aug Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 10am-10pm), will help locate private rooms and point you in the direction of the growing number of family-run pensions in the suburban villa zone on the north side of town.
Heading in the other direction out of Korcula Town, a single road (served by six buses daily) runs the length of the island west to Vela Luka, passing most of the island's major settlements en route.These area series of largely bland villages, often connected by rough road to the nearest strip of coast, where there are usually a few holiday villas, some sort of rocky beach, a store and - sometimes - private rooms, though they're almost impossible to reach without your own transport.
Forty kilometres west of Korcula Town, BLATO is something of an antidote to athis, an old-fashioned country town that's easily the most agreeable of
Korcula's inland settlements. First colonized by the Greeks, Blato (literally "mud" or "swamp") is at the centre of a wine-growing district and is attractively bisected by a magnificent avenue of lime trees. At the western end of the island, VELA LUKA may be your first view of Korčula if you're arriving by ferry, but it's not really of any interest apart from a string of vivacious seafront cafes which sadly fail to overcome the town's all-round charm deficit. There's a tourist office at the rear of the triangular waterfront square which has rooms. -Specializing in Cheap Flights F