Depending on who you talk to, Dubrovnik's city walls are the most beautiful, best-preserved, or most complete city walls in the world. It's certainly the place to start any visit to the city.

Wrapping themselves around Dubrovnik for just a little under 2 km (1/4 miles), they measure 25 m (82 ft) at their highest point and 12 m (39 1/4 ft) at the widest.

The whole circuit can be done in a leisurely hour. Begun in the 8th century, building and repairing went on throughout the centuries, including the extensive work that was carried out on them after the 1991-2 war.There are three entrances onto the walls: one is next to Vrata od Pila (Pile Gate), another on Svetog Dominika leading to the Dominikanski Samostan (Dominican Monastery) and the third on Kneza Damjana Jude near the Akvarij (Aquarium).  9:00-19.00 in the summer, with shorter hours in the winter -Specializing in Cheap Flights F

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