In the summer of 2010 the cable car that can get you on top of Srd mountain re-opened after
renovation of the original that dates back to 1969. After it has taken over 2,5 million visitors
to enjoy beautiful view of Dubrovnik from the best location, it was, unfortunately, completely
destroyed during the war in 1991. The site offers the breathtaking view of Dubrovnik and
surrounding area that stretches up to 60km on a clear day.
The cable car consists of two cabins which can take up to 30 passengers. Less than 3
minutes is the time needed to pass 778 meters, which is the distance between the starting
and the arriving point.
Srd mountain is situated at 450 meters above the sea level. Apart from admiring the
scenery, you can also buy a souvenir, check the view through binocular telescopes, or have
a drink or meal in bar or restaurant.

Return ticket costs 70kn (around 10euros). Children under 12 get 50% discount.

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