Six kilometres south of Cavtat, just beyond Dubrovnik's airport, ČILIPI is the main village of the Konavle region, a small area known for the colourful costumes of its inhabitants, characterized by the small pillbox hats donned by unmarried girls and the enormous white scarves worn by married women.The latter are still very much in use (for the benefit of tourists as much as anything), and Čilipi has become something of an excursion spot for tour operators from Dubrovnik because of the folklore shows which take place on the village's flagstoned central square every summer Sunday. Organized by the local folklore society, performances are held in the late morning immediately after mass, when locals and tourists alike perch on the church steps to observe a forty-minute medley of local songs and dances. Foremost among the latter is the Undo, which employs rigid, stylized gestures to mimic the rites of courtship, and is accompanied by the lirica, an archaic, droning fiddle. Trips to Čilipi from Dubrovnik are run by the ubiquitous Atlas agency although you can get here independently using the three daily buses which run from Dubrovnik via Cilipi to Gruda or Molunat.There area couple of cafes just off the main square, and a largely tourist-oriented Sunday market selling folksy embroidery and textiles. -Specializing in Cheap Flights F