Just half an hour from Dubrovnik by ferry, the islet of Koločep is a little over 2.6 square kilometres in area, and has a population of under 150 concentrated in two main hamlets: Donje čelo, on the north side of the island where the ferry docks, and Gornje Celo to the southeast.

There are no special sights, but Donje Celo is a pleasant cluster of stone houses which boasts an excellent curving sandy beach. Just uphill the waterfront, a concreted path strikes inland towarllds Gornje Celo, a huddle of vegetation-choked hous- es overlooking two smabays. From here you can follow innumerable paths into the dense, fragrant pine and deciduous forest that covers the southern part of the island. Accommodation is limited to the Hotel Koločep, an ensemble of eight modern blocks ranged across a hillside just above Donje Celo's beach. There's also a waterfront cafe-restaurant in Donje Celo offering simple grills and seafood.

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